Coaching For Actors

Coaching Acting

Brian Thornton’s Clear Performance Acting Academy 

I am so glad to share my 25+ years of experience, as an actor and mentor, with today’s new stars.

In every day life, our emotions dictate what and how we communicate.  But we are told to learn exactly the opposite.  We are NOT in the business of memorizing lines.  We are in the business of emotions.  I am proud to have an amazing way to harness emotions that make the scenes come an extension of ourselves.  Tested to be more effective than most traditional "Studies and Theories"

Classes kept to a minimum of 6, and maximum of 8 students. I find this maximizes learning and one on one time.

Most classes will focus on scripts pulled specifically for each student and their market.


ACCELERATED ORIENTATION : This class's sole purpose is to  focus on YOU, as an entrepreneur. Students leaving this course, will have a decisive approach to the industry and their business model. It is mandatory prior to taking my regular course.

It's geared towards actors that have only been in class 1-2 years and have minimal bookings, above 48 hour film festies, low or small budget indies, will be required to take this course as soon as there are 4+ students students available.

Things covered Include, but not limited to:


Most people do not have an accurate idea of what their market is...or that a market even exists. We go over what your market is and who you are. Sadly, many don't think this is important.

Head shot Review 

Is your headshot accurate and are you hitting your MARKET?

When is the best time to TAKE/SPEND MONEY on your headshots?


Do you need one?  What should be on it if I DO need one?  Who looks at them?  Why won't they look at one?

Unions and Affiliations

Should I join the Union?  Do I need to join the Union?  What are the fees and what do I get?  How come he/she isn't in the union but continues to work?

Taxes/Expenses? When to say NO? When to hire Agency? ...etc.


Class starts with Q&A and then the fun begins.

Ages 18-100 yrs. $150.00 (for non students of Clear Performance Academy)  $30.00 for students enrolled in a 4 week session.


BASIC CLASSES That Aren't Really Basic: (If you have Less than 2 Regional commercials/2 supporting film roles/1 Co Star)                                                                                                      Ages 18-100 yrs.  $185.00   for 4 classes ** Discount details below

This class is designed for students/actors at the onset of their new discovery about their personal business(as THE actor they are supposed to be) in the Accelerated Orientation class, discussed above.

Market specific scenes and scripts are sent, in advanced, to each student.  An elephant does not need to learn how to be a gazelle...

Character Development

When applicable, classes may include Theory, improv. exercises,

ALL Classes Students will receive detailed notes and copy of their work as well as the opportunity for Q&A.


Wednesday Evenings  7-10 PM (MUST have 5-8 students in order to have a class)

Wednesday and Thursday   Afternoons (Based on Headcount. Minimum 5, Max 8 students per class)

INTERMEDIATE CLASSES: (with less than 3 commercials, 2 supporting in a major film, 2 Co-Star, 1 Guest Star)                                                              Ages 18-100 yrs.     $185.00    for 4 classes  ** Discount details below

Having troubles with Meisner?  Stanislavski? Strasberg? Method? No Problem. Bring it.  This class is designed to breakthrough YOUR individual sticking points.


Thursday Afternoon (tentative) 12-3 PM

Thursday Evening (4 spots left) 7-10

Make up days:

Class credit is given when classes are:                                                                                                                                                                                      Postponed due to the instructor’s absence for an audition, booking, or screening of work.                                                                                                      A student misses due to an audition, booking, or screening of work.


You and your referral, each, will get a 10% discount on a 4 week session when you sign up a friend for a 4 week session(limited to one referral per 4 week course).