Students’ Testimonials

It should come as no surprise Brian Thornton is a very talented actor. What you may not know is he is also a brilliant teacher.
You might be asking yourself, “What is it about Brian that makes him stand out amongst his peers? From other, potentially great and capable acting instructors?” Well, Brian, or BT as he shall be referred to, has a gift for making connections with his actors. Real connections that help them approach concepts that they might’ve thought were too abstract or possibly elusive, and instead reinterprets them in a way that is coherent to the individual.
He concentrates on identifying specific elements of your acting that demand your attention to: better recognize your potential, tap into it, and consequently, create something really special and meaningful on camera.
But, does he share the ins-and-outs of his journey? Years of experience and whatnots? Of course, but he cares about your journey too. I’m not kidding. And not because I said it but because you cannot help but to notice it. Over and over, BT unselfishly puts others before himself. His accessibility and generosity with his time, as far as I can tell, can only stem from an actual desire to watch you succeed. I’m guessing to be able to brag.
Anyways, check him out, you’ll see a difference. I consider myself super fortunate to know him. Best of luck to all aspiring Houston-area actors and may you book all your auditions. 🖖


Before I came to Brian Thornton's class, I had been to other acting studios in Houston, and out of disappointment, nearly quit acting altogether.  Brian renewed my fire and passion for acting and gave me powerful tools and the individualized attention I needed to become a paid working actor. If you really put forth the effort and apply his acting techniques to your auditions and film work, people will a very positive way.                                  Ash Tholpady



You are extremely talented and thank goodness your personality is awesome as well. I love the feedback from your class. I have taken one other class in Houston and your class is refreshing in comparison. I love that you care about each of your students, you provide us with constructive criticism, you spend the time with each of us, and you give us advice in regards to the industry. You are not selfish with information and you actually want us to succeed.                    Britni Brobey



Brian is an amazing acting coach and I really enjoy his class! I have never experienced a class like his where he touches on the basics of acting, expressing emotions, scene work, and much more. His class is completely different from any others I have taken due to his ways of teaching development and how he truly cares for each individual student. He has definitely helped take my acting skills to the next level. If you want to grow in honing your craft I highly recommend taking Brian’s class.



There are only three acting coaches in Houston that I could ever recommend in good faith and Brian Thornton is at the top of the list. Brian is also the only one who limits his classes to 7 people or less.

After being coached by him for a few months, I auditioned for three roles. I booked 2 on the spot, and I got a call back on the third.

Brian’s individualized attention for each student allowed him to help me see my mistakes and improve.

Brian teaches in a unique way based on various acting techniques and Jungian psychology. It’s not quite Meisner, it’s not quite Method, it’s Thornton technique and it is effective.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Nima Naserzadeh